Confidence, Goals & Accountability

Written by Tammy Durden


The Confidence Struggle

Sometimes we all go through the confidence struggle.  We battle that inner voice that sometimes makes us believe that we cannot ‘do it’, whatever ‘it’ is.  This can keep us from achieving our goals.  I struggle with this myself, depending on the client or the project.  I know I have to remind myself that I am capable of doing ‘it’ and that I have the training and experience to accomplish the work.  This can even affect the way we interact with potential clients/customers.  You may not think that it matters, but it can show through, whether you realize it or not.

Think about this example:  An Insurance Agent trying to sell upsell you on a new liability policy.  Would you want to do business with an Insurance Agent that did not seem sure of himself, let alone the product he trying to sell you?  Some salespeople will say, ‘just fake it’ (’till you make it’).  I am of the mindset that it is better to be prepared and ready, as well as, genuinely knowing that you can produce what you promise.

For myself, I can be sure to create an attitude of confidence through a few different ways.

Confidence Building in Business

  1. Prepare  –  I can prepare by making sure I am learned in the upcoming project or task area needed.  I can and have taken many classes, webinars, and certifications to do what I do.  This also means I KNOW what I able to do for a client. Whether that be certified in Social Media, or licensed in Insurance, it is always good to continue taking classes and continue learning in your field.
  2.  Know the client – I can do research on my prospective client.  In doing this, I will begin to know them better and even their pain points more clearly. So let’s say a potential client calls me because they need help with Bookkeeping, yet in researching them (or their Company), I find that they have no social media presence online. The next time I meet with them, now I have the confidence to discuss not only bookkeeping but also their digital marketing to help them grow their business. Perhaps they will even be impressed that I took the time to do the research.
  3. Accountability – I actually love having an accountable person in my life.  I have done this in many areas of my life in the past. I have had spiritual accountability persons, as well as, business persons who serve in this capacity. Even a Coach can do this for you.  They (accountability person) are that person who pushes you past what you think you know and past what you feel to where you succeed in your area of expertise. Often they even see things in you that you cannot see yourself. I am not saying you HAVE to go find a Coach, although eventually many of the most successful business persons, I have heard speak, have had and continue to have Coached.  You and I may not be at that point where hiring one makes sense for our business.  An accountability person, however, makes perfect sense, no matter where you are on your road to success. This should be someone in your field (or at least knows your industry) and maybe is a little further along than you.  You also want a person who will keep you to the goals you set and keep your privacy.  Do not get your best friend to do this, because most of the time, your best friend will allow the excuses you use and let you off the hook when not meeting goals. Be sure to set some guidelines with one another (does not have to be formal), as well as, goals for yourself. Keep track of where you are and where you want to be, and of course your progress along the way. You will probably be surprised at some points. Share your victories with others – celebrate them!

These are a few of the ways I have learned to build confidence in my business and more importantly in myself.  Remember also, that each time you get a new client or complete that big project, this will help to build your confidence as well.

“There is nothing like a little success to build one’s confidence!” – T.Durden

What are some other ways you know to build confidence in you and your business?

Thank you for stopping by and please do not leave without a little feedback.  Let me know also some areas of interest to you. I am in a blog challenge after all (lol), so please feel free to make a topic request (within reason).

Have a great and confident day – you are worth it!

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