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Christ-Centered Spiritual Coaching

Christ-Centered Soul-Quenching Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual & Spiritual Business Coaching

Is Christ-Centered Coaching For You?

  • Are you ready to make a change?
  • Are you ready for spiritual growth?
  • Do you want a Christ-Centered business?
  • Are you starting a business & know you need God’s empowerment?
  • Do you want to dig deep into God’s Word?
  • Whether you want help to:
    • Grow in the Lord spiritually
    • Need spiritual help for you, your marriage or family
  • Tammy will help you through your journey with the guidance of the Holy Spirit 
  • Accountability is a very important part of spiritual growth.
  • Tammy provides accountability as she guides you through the Word of God.
  • Regular meetings help to provide accountability.
  • Accountability helps you meet the goals you set with Tammy.

3 Month Freedom Program

1 on 1 Marketing Consultation

  • 3 Month Minimum 
  • 1 On 1 Spiritual Coaching Sessions
  • Meeting Every Other Week (twice monthly)*
    • *Can Meet More Often If Need – Please Let Tammy know on your discovery call.
  • Are you struggling to know where & what God wants you to do in life & business?
  • Gain clarity through your sessions.
  • Homework assignments help you have breakthroughs.
  • Sometimes we carry unforgiveness, pain, and bitterness – Tammy will walk you through how to have peace and forgiveness.
  • We all carry baggage in our lives, marriages, in our businesses – only God can help us unpack the baggage.
  • Experience Freedom (if you do the homework and are open to healing).

Peace - Clarity - Freedom

Christ-Centered Spiritual Coaching + Christ Centered Business Coaching to Help You Move Forward

6 Month Deep Spiritual Dive

1 on 1 Marketing Consultation

  • 1 on 1 Spiritual Coaching (no group or do it yourself coaching & teaching)
    • 1 Personalized Spiritual Coaching Session Each Week (4 per Month Max)
  • Work with Tammy 1 on 1 as she guides you through God’s Word.
    • Hear God speak to you through His Word.
  • God will do a mighty work if you are willing.
  • Tammy Invites the Holy Spirit to help, instruct, give wisdom, & clarity each week as she guides you on your spiritual journey.
  • She also asks that the Holy Spirit release bondage areas, give you freedom where needed, and to release unforgiveness where needed.
  • You will develop a deeper relationship with Christ
    • Receive Dedicated prayer time.
    • Gain God’s wisdom, hope, peace, & the knowledge of His will. 
  • Grow Spiritually through God’s leading & Tammy’s direction through the Word.
  • Do the Bible Study work and use the tools Tammy provides for you.
  • If you are teachable & allow the Holy Spirit to work, you will receive new revelation of what God is doing in and through your life &/or business each session
  • Develop a hunger & thirst for God’s Word.
  • Develop a Heart for God.
  • If you remain willing and teachable, God will instruct you, give you wisdom, and the knowledge of His will in your life &/or business as you ‘Dive Deep’ each week week with Tammy.

Wisdom - Healing - Forgiveness

Where Are You In Your Walk With The Lord?

  • Tammy has been in ministry alongside her husband, a Pastor, for over 20 years and beyond.
  • She has Counseled numerous
    • Women
    • Couples
    • Teens
    • Families 
  • Tammy helps you move closer to the Lord
  • Gain peace
  • Unpack baggage
  • And more
  • Often benefiting their entire family
  • Learn Who you are
  • Learn Whose you are
  • Develop A Deeper Trust & Walk