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I Am Not Brave And Other Self-Worth Lessons Learned

How I Really Feel (About My Disease & More) I am often told that I am brave or inspirational. Yet, I do not think of …

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perseverance vs enabling mindset

Persevering Versus Enabling Mindset

As you know, if you are a regular reader, I am disabled (due to MS & Lupus). I have had to learn to have a …

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Get Out Of That Funk Mindset

Get Out Of Your Funk Mindset

I don’t know about you but I can get into sort of a funk at times. Where I may feel a little down, not depressed, …

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Mindset for Success

7 Factors That Influence Your Mindset

Do you realize how important mindset is to the success of your business? Mindset can determine your success or failure. You may not think your …

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overcoming challenges; disabilities podcast

Overcoming Challenges

We all have challenges we must overcome both in business and life. Recently I was interviewed by Chris Mitchell of Define Yourself. We discussed some …

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Who Are You Influencing?

“The tragedy of life, sometimes, is that we are so busy looking for the big picture and the ‘big wins’ to make us feel successful, that we miss the daily wins that make us who we really are and who others see us to be. “

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Superpower - What is your superpower - tammysoffices

What’s Your Superpower?

A Greeting on My Social Platform I recently received a message on one of my social platforms thanking me for connecting with them. Yes, we …

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Tammysoffices - 10 Habits of a Successful woman

10 Habits of a Successful Woman

Becoming a success can be the motivation behind what drives many people to get up each and every day to tackle the daily grind. Pair …

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TammysOffices Defining Success

Its Not Easy Being a Slow Success Story

Have you ever wondered why you were not an overnight success?  Don’t  wonder anymore, Overnight Successes are a very rare thing. This is why we …

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Taking Risks

Have you ever taken a RISK?  I mean a really Big Risk?  One that could ‘make or break you’?  I believe business owners are ‘risk …

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