Business Management


Planning 2024

Is 2024 Your Year – Planning for 2024

The end of the year is always a good time to begin thinking about next year. What do you want to accomplish? What goals do ...
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making a decision try brainstorming or brain dumping

Brainstorming and Braindumps

We all have times in business when it benefits us to use specific techniques to help us with decisions. Two good techniques to use for ...
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Between Swims and taking risks

We Are All In Between Swims – Risks In Business

This phrase was recently shared with me in an online group, “We are all in between swims”. It is a kayaker’s saying and it stuck ...
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Brand Loyalty - My Samsung Story

Brand Loyalty – My Samsung Story

In order to build brand loyalty, good customer support (or client care) is a must. Today I will be sharing a personal experience with customer ...
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building your business with chronic illness - MS - Lupus

Building Your Business While Having A Chronic Illness

I did not allow MS and Lupus to stop me from building my business. I’m sharing my discussion on the FreelanceU Podclass episode with Craig ...
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Business Coach - Best is yet to come

Can Forgiveness Make A Difference In Your Business?

Have you ever considered if forgiveness or lack thereof has an effect on your business? Many would immediately say, “No — Business is Business & Personal is ...
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Budgets, Financials, & Business

Managing our business can seem 24/7 at times but one of the things we should have on our ‘to-do’ lists is setting goals (or mile ...
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Processes & Systems with a team

Would Your Business Survive Without You?

I’m in the middle of creating a course for an online freelance group about Processes & Systems. If you have followed me or know me ...
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follow-up secret to success

One Little Secret To Success

A Sweet Secret That Many Don’t Take Advantage Of, Do You? Today I was reminded of something I learned long ago that can really be ...
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Client care

What Is Client Care & How To Manage It

What is Client Care, especially in relation to Service Provider Freelancers? Let me start with the basics and go from there. On a very basic ...
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