Personal brand - Tammy Durden

How To Create Your Personal Brand

You already know how difficult it is for your business to be known in the online world. Creating your brand and putting it out there, …

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Be Featured Online

How To Be Featured Online

One of the best ways to be seen online is to be featured online in a magazine, podcast, as a quote in an article, and …

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Fearless Business Boss Brand Photos

Do You Need A Professional Brand Photoshoot

Have you done a professional photoshoot for your business? Perhaps you have done headshot photos, but have you done a full brand photoshoot? What is …

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Branding Misconceptions Part IV

Misconceptions In Branding Welcome Back to our Series on Branding. We have already discussed: ‘Why is Branding Important?’ – Part I, ‘Brand Development’ – Part …

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Branding Components & Strategy – Branding Series Part III

Brand development has seen many changes over the years and we are seeing many more online influencers.  One of the areas of change in Branding …

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Brand Development

BRANDING SERIES:  Part II  How Can Small Business Develop Their Brand? Brand Development often begins before we even create a logo, pick colors, or think …

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Why Is Company Branding Important?

A major factor for new businesses especially, but is important for all businesses is, Branding.  People are serious about their brand, yet, sadly many do …

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