Can I Mix My Faith And My Business

Written by Tammy Durden

You already know, if you have read any of my articles, that I am a woman of faith. Faith in God, faith in Christ, and faith in the Holy Spirit. You may be wondering if this relates to every business, including those that are not obviously faith-based. You probably know what my answer to this question is already. Yes, my answer is a resounding YES! I believe I can mix my faith and my business together and so can you.

I do not think you have force-feed it to others but I believe you can mention your faith in your videos, blogs, and other publications. This is probably the most public I’ve been aside from mentioning my faith and belief in writing.

Why And How

Many business owners think they should not mix faith with business. They also believe they should not mix personal and business. In the online world, however, people want to get to know you. The lines have become a bit blurred. Personal profiles on Facebook are now able to be Professional Profiles. Sharing your faith should be a natural part of who you are and what you share.

I’ve given you some reasons on the ‘why and how’ of this below.

Reason #1: Our Faith Sets Us Apart

The top reason has to be because God has called us and set us apart if you are a Believer in Christ Jesus. Deuteronomy 14:2 (see below) it very specifically says that we are a people of the Lord your God’.

(1)Since you are the people of the LORD your God, never cut yourselves or shave the hair above your foreheads in mourning for the dead. (2)You have been set apart as holy to the LORD your God, and he has chosen you from all the nations of the earth to be his own special treasure.”

Deuteronomy 14:2

We are further told that He has chosen us from everything else. This means that He (the Lord) set us apart.

APART – (b.) : so as to separate one from another. I found it hard to tell the twins apart.

Oxford Languages

In other words, He made us different from others because we are His. Do you realize how special that is?

He calls us to be different (or set apart) from the world. If we are set apart others should be able to tell that we are different. How will others know we are different or set apart if we are afraid to share our faith?

Reason #2: We Are Each Unique

You know we are set apart, but we are also unique. We are created in His image yet also uniquely created. In Genesis 1:27 it says that God created us in His image. It did not say He created us to look, think, and act exactly like Him.

We are all very unique and uniquely gifted by God. We each have gifts to share with others. We share our uniqueness in many ways including through our businesses. Sharing your faith should simply be an overflow of your relationship with Him.

Reason #3: What Is The World Seeing

The other reason I am not afraid is that I should be an example to others around me. What am I illustrating to the world if I do not want to share my faith? It seems like a very selfish faith at the very least if I’m unwilling to tell you about my relationship with Him. So, I have to ask: what is the world around me actually seeing when they look at me?

I want them to see HIM reflected in me!


We have a powerful God and Savior. What does that mean if we hide our relationship from the world rather than share it?

“I believe by not sharing our faith we are acting selfish. Even if the reason you do not want to share Him is because of our own insecurities (and fears).


Consider what this says about your faith. Wouldn’t this mean that you really do not believe what you say you believe? If you truly believe He has the ability to give you the strength and boldness you need to share Him with others (including in business) would you be fearful to do so?”

We can ask Him for help in this area through His Holy Spirit.

Reason #4: Trusting God

What is trust?

Trust: noun

firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. “relations have to be built on trust”

-Oxford Languages

If we have a relationship with Christ we should also trust Him. This means in all that we do. Therefore, it also means that you should be able to tell others about Him.

Consider: If you truly loved someone wouldn’t share about that person when speaking with others in your life and business?

We should, at the very least, be willing to do the same with sharing our faith.

Reason #5: Standing Out and Showing Your Faith

As you can tell I really believe it is right to share my faith including within my business. I also believe that when we unashamedly share Him we will also stand out among others, thereby attracting the clients we need and those that God desires us to work with.

At the very least it says it is not a very strong belief. I think it also indicates that I am ashamed or fearful to share that belief with others in my world, community, and family.

Reason #6: What Does Hiding Our Faith Say

If I have the very thing that would save you from demise shouldn’t I want to give it to you as my friend?

If I am a Christ Follower and I hide my faith, what does that say about me? You know I try to be vulnerable with my audience. I’ve learned over the years to be more vulnerable. For me, sharing my faith is a natural overflow of who I am.

What does it also say about my faith if I do not share it? Wouldn’t it be like admitting that I didn’t believe my faith could hold up to the testing, questions, and vulnerabilities? And in the long run that, in my opinion, would mean I didn’t believe that God was not able. Because I vehemently disagree with this as I know He is able!

Reason #7: What It Says About What We Believe

The final reason we should share our faith is that it shows what we believe about Him and His relationship with us. It shows we are not embarrassed nor are we afraid to proclaim our faith in Christ Jesus.

If you are a Believer in Christ Jesus (have asked Him to be Lord and Savior of your life and accepted Him into your heart) you should not be ashamed nor fearful to allow it to overflow into your business. I believe God blesses also for doing this and proclaiming Him in all areas of our lives. Does this mean your business will be successful? Not necessarily but He will bless. Blessings are not always material things but can include many gifts including peace of mind.

How To Mix Your Faith And Your Business

You may be wondering how to mix your faith with your business. I know in my work as a business coach it often comes out naturally. It can be in counseling a client or in one of my Mastermind Group Coaching sessions. I may share an example where God showed up in my business or something He taught me that week. If you are a follower of mine you have probably already seen it sprinkled in my writing and posts.

You do not need to make it your banner on your website, but you should not be ashamed to discuss Him either. In speaking about anything God and HIs Son can come up in conversation. I LOOK for Him to show up and in fact, INVITE HIM to participate and DIRECT ALL I do (personally and professionally).


How about you? Are you actively sharing your faith with others? Are you sprinkling in that you are a Believer? Do not be ashamed or afraid to mention Him in all you do today and every day.

If you need help with your business, whether you are hitting a revenue wall or just not sure where to begin, please reach out at and we will be happy to help you.

Until then, here’s to your continued success!

with love from Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

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