Branding Misconceptions Part IV

Misconceptions In Branding Welcome Back to our Series on Branding. We have already discussed: ‘Why is Branding Important?’ – Part I, ‘Brand Development’ – Part …

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Branding Components & Strategy – Branding Series Part III

Brand development has seen many changes over the years and we are seeing many more online influencers.  One of the areas of change in Branding …

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Brand Development

BRANDING SERIES:  Part II  How Can Small Business Develop Their Brand? Brand Development often begins before we even create a logo, pick colors, or think …

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Why Is Company Branding Important?

A major factor for new businesses especially, but is important for all businesses is, Branding.  People are serious about their brand, yet, sadly many do …

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6 steps


What do you think of when you hear the word Foundation? My first thoughts go to construction and contractors laying a ‘foundation’ to a new …

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DIY Marketing Consulting

Where are the Business Mentors

Business Mentoring What has happened to Mentoring today?  Doesn’t it seem impossible to find a business mentor today?  So where are the business mentors? Compare …

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