Benefits Of Hiring A Business Coach

Written by Tammy Durden

We often discuss many aspects of running your online service business. Online service providers are those who offer services such as online business managers, freelancers, graphic designers, or virtual assistants to name a few. Many in the online service industry do not hire a business coach. Is it because we do not discuss the benefits of hiring a business coach?

You may be asking:

What is the point of a business coach?

A business coach is a professional mentor who supports, educates and motivates business owners. They provide recommendations for a company’s vision, growth and goals. Effective business coaches provide motivation but also implement and prioritize strategies to help businesses grow.

Today I want to bring this discussion out into the open. And I will also share with you the benefits of hiring a business coach for online service providers. I hope in the end you will wonder why you didn’t hire one sooner.

Benefits of Hiring A Business Coach

A great benefit of a good business coach is that they will help you move forward in your business. Whether you feel stuck, stagnant, or just starting out coaches.

They do this in a few different ways. Through the use of tools, strategies, and plans, as well as their knowledge to help you move forward. They will take their experiences and turn them into steps for you to avoid, some for you to follow, and others just to increase your knowledge.

Benefit #2: Accountability

Another benefit of a business coach is accountability. They will keep you accountable and even have hard discussions if needed to help you and your business. This is not to be harsh or mean it is meant to keep you on track in moving forward. They have no real personal agenda they only want to see you succeed and reach your goals.

Benefit #3: Mindset

Mindset help is also a benefit provided by most business coaches. They will encourage you, challenge you, and admonish you when needed. They want you in the best head space so you can see the path clearly. This will help you progress and reach your goals and potential.

A great coach will help you focus and have clarity of mindset.

Benefit #4: Help You Break Free of Bondage Areas

Not every coach will do this but if you have a great intuitive business coach they can also help you break free of bondage areas holding you back. It may not even have anything to do with the business itself. I tell my clients all the time that nothing is off limits in discussing because I believe every part of our life, especially as women, affects our business. My clients know they can discuss anything and everything so that it is all out there and we can unpack it. Sometimes, that is all that is needed, someone to listen and so you can hear it out loud.

Other times it is more intense and needs a little more work. Your business coach will tell you how much is ‘allowed’ in discussions but with me, it’s all open to discuss.

Benefit #5: Gives You Steps To Follow

This is an important benefit. Coaches will give you steps to follow or directions to take in between your sessions (or during your sessions). These are important for you to continue to progress and move forward. Take these seriously.

This is probably one of the most important benefits of hiring a business coach.

Note: If they do not give work for you to complete in between sessions they are probably a mentor and not a coach.

Benefit #6: Simplify and Automate Your Processes

You know how important I think processes are so understand me when I say that a good coach can help you simplify your processes. This can be a game changer for some service providers.

Whether it is a discussion about project management systems or showing you ways (and software) that will automate some of your manual processes, these will be key stepping points in direction and clarity for you and your business. A great one (business coach) can even walk through your current processes to point out areas and ways to save you time.

Benefit #7: Brainstorming Ideas and Help You Through Challenges

One of the best benefits of hiring a business coach is that they will help you brainstorm ideas and guide you through challenging times. You could be stuck, unsure of pricing packages, or not sure what services you want to offer (your niche), and need help with defining your audience (ideal clients) or going through other challenges.

Brainstorming is simply helping pull ideas out of you.

Brainstorming Definition

a group problem-solving technique that involves the spontaneous contribution of ideas from all members of the group
also the mulling over of ideas by one or more individuals in an attempt to devise or find a solution to a problem

-Merriam Webster

An intuitive business coach can often pick up on your struggles and help guide you through challenges. A great business coach will help pull ideas out of you and give you clarity.

Good business coaches are there to help you see the blind spots. As entrepreneurs, we often get into the weeds of our business and it’s hard to see the “forest from the trees.” 


Thank you for joining me on this journey and entrepreneurial road. I hope it helps you reach higher and learn more to help you get further.

with love from Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss


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