Balancing Act of Priorities-Part 1

Written by Tammy Durden

LIFE: A Balancing Act of Priorities

Life is often a balancing act of priorities. If you are like me, my life is a mixed bag of Business (work), Family (including kids), Giving Back, Friends, and other Obligations.  From networking events necessary to build your business to sporting events or concerts that you need & want to attend for your children, it can become overwhelming.  Today, I am in a different phase with my children, as they are grown now. One is married with a daughter & son on the way and our other 2, we are blessed to have still have one son living at home (although that has its own challenges, believe me).

Children growing up & priorities

In talking with another in my profession, I could hear the pain of trying to be it all and do it all.  So it reminded me of when our children were younger. I will say, however, that no matter how many times someone tells you, it really is true, that they grow up so fast! So to those struggling, remember you will not get that time back, so spend time with them and just make it a part of your planning and priorities.  Perhaps you are sitting there at your job, saying, ‘but I have to work, I do not have a choice.’ We all only have 24 hours in a day, figure out how many you need to sleep and the remaining amount you can split up (you may be surprised at home many that actually is).

Although my business was just getting off the ground, when my children were little, it was a lot to balance.  Even today, it can be a balancing act of priorities, where I am pulled in any direction and we each have to decide which is most important to us. For me, this is truly where the answer lies – ‘where do my priorities lie?’

Balancing Spouse/Children/Work

For me, when my children were younger, they were a priority over my business. For myself, as a Mom, that was it, the bottom line.  This did mean sacrifice on the business side. I simply began part-time and eventually as they grew, I began taking on more and more client work, making it full-time (and then some) work now.  The transition was an odd time, but once they all graduated and I focused more on the business, this did not mean that my children did not still want ‘their time’ with me. Believe me, if they come into the office to talk, unless I am on a tight project deadline, I stop and listen.  They see that now is time for me to be able to pour more into my business and less into them. I had already spent years pouring into them, and now they are adults. Remember this is also a great example to them.  As much as we talk to our children and try to teach them all we can, our actions are much louder.  Although they are adults it does not mean that they do need guidance or help from time to time, it means that they can truly ‘do it’ all themselves without Mom holding their hands or being with them in every situation.

What about hubby?

Of course, I hope it goes without even mentioning that my husband is first, before children or work. Yet, for us, we somehow manage to give one another space to do our work.  When he needs me I am there, and when I need him, he is there (whether in person or via phone).  Our spouses must also be a priority or we will tend to take them for granted.  If we are not purposely making the time for them it could lead to too much time apart. Which ends up leading to many other issues. Make sure you purposely set time aside for one another.

“We must be intentional with our life priorities!  Life will happen and if we do plan and know our priorities, we will just hop from one fire to the next” -T.S.Durden  

If we are not intentional, Life will happen…Work will happen…Children’s needs will push in…and…before you know it, there is no time left.  If we do not live intentionally, there will be No time for the things that are really important to us.  

So let’s begin today (if we have not already) to make a list of your priorities.  It can be very simple, however, be sure that you include everyone and everything that is important to you on that list.

[I will share my list with you in Part 2]

Just My Experience & Thoughts

I am not quoting any experts today, just sharing with you what has helped me to get the balance I need.  We all weigh things differently, so what is a priority to me, may not be to you.  I suggest sitting down and listing all of the people and things that tug at you and that you give time to, one by one. Then go back through and put numbers beside them – REAL numbers of the time you give them. If you give them 2 hours in a day, maybe that is a minor priority, yet if you give it 8+ hours a day, that is a big priority.  If you find you give something 6 hours a day, but do not want, this is your opportunity to stop that and begin to put limits on what you can do realistically. Once you figure that out, decide if that is where you really want to be. If not, it is time to make some changes. Then type or write a final list and post it where you will see it often.

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope this helps you in some way.  Please leave us a comment. I am always open to new subjects also, so if you want to see me discuss something in particular, please let me know.

Signing out for today, as Your Virtual Business Support Leader,

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