7 Ways To Build Trust With Your Audience

Written by Tammy Durden

One of the best ways to move a person in your funnel from prospective client to client is to build trust with your audience. As you build authority and trust you can move a prospect from considering your services to purchasing them.

Just as a mother establishes trust with her child you too must build trust with your audience. A mother doesn’t throw her child up in the air the first few minutes of holding them. The mother slowly establishes trust by changing the baby, feeding him or her, and loving the child. Mom can then toss their child up, in fun, without fear that the baby will draw in, clenching mom’s hand and looking scared. No, after the mom has built trust, the baby will laugh with joy because their mother has given them reasons to trust her.

We must also first build up trust with our audience before expecting them to jump for joy and sign up for our products and/or services. That is why I’m sharing ways you can build trust and authority with your audience.

First, you must know who your ideal client is before starting to build trust. One of the best ways to define your ideal client is through the use of a storyboard. You should know who your prospective client is, the type of service needed, how much they make, and where they hang out online. The storyboard helps you define this as well as helps with your messaging.

Just as the mother had to establish trust you also must do with your prospective clients. Show them that they can trust you and that you know what you are talking about when you speak to them.

There are several ways to build trust. Let’s discuss 7 of these today.

  1. Testimonials & Reviews – sharing testimonials and reviews helps your credibility as an expert.
  2. Website – having a website shows the world you are serious about your business and that you are not doing a side gig. It’s the one place you own and can post whatever you want. It also shows you are investing in your business and allows others to see your platform and blogs.
  3. Case Studies – adding a case study to your website can help prospective clients envision their business being helped by you.
  4. Publishing Articles – and/or blogs adds to your credibility and establishes your expertise in a topic.
  5. Featured in Magazines – being featured in magazines also adds to credibility and trust. If a magazine, whether online, or physical version it shows others that you are a valid business that can be trusted.
  6. How to or Informational Videos – producing videos that provide information or show how to do something draws your audience in and can draw in new members. It can also reveal more about you, showing vulnerabilities that also permit your potential clients to be vulnerable as well.
  7. Interviewed on Podcasts (or videos) – doing interviews on other businesses’ podcasts helps get your message out to more audience members as well as continues to build your credibility and trust with listeners.

Regarding Reviews:

Build up your online reviews and testimonials. Work to improve them not only on your website, Google My Business listings, and social media but also on relevant industry sites…”

Duct Tape Marketing

Remember to ‘do you’ because that is what your audience will relate to, your people will connect with what you say!

If I can help you please reach out.

Until Next Time, continue doing good and making a difference out there!

with love from Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

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