7 Programs to Help You Create Your Processes

Written by Tammy Durden

As we close up our current discussion on creating your processes I wanted to share some resources with you. I’ve done a bit of research and I’ve used many of these tools. Today, I’m sharing 7 Programs to help you create your processes.

Why Is a Program Important

Finding and utilizing a software program that you are comfortable with and like is important because it means you will actually use it. If you do not like it or cannot figure it out or even if it is clunky or difficult to use means you will not utilize it to its fullest potential to help you with your business.

On The Hunt For 5 Years

First, let me say, it has been many years since I found good software that I could use to really develop my processes easily. Years ago I used a program called Clarify It and loved it. It easily allowed typing the processes out and then also made it very easy to take screenshots or videos of what you were explaining and add them to the processes you were typing. Unfortunately, in 2018 they stopped giving licenses and support for the software. Since that time I’ve been on the search for a similar software and until this year had not found a simple solution.

Programs to Help You with Your Processes

Below are listed the top software for online service businesses that I found to meet the need to record processes for ourselves and our clients.

They are not numbered in any particular order so do not think that #1 is really number one in my opinion. In fact, you will find my top recommendation a little lower.

#1 – Process.st

helps you design your workflow and processes. I have tried this software it just wasn’t a good fit at the time. For small to mid-size businesses this may be a good fit. Try it out is the best way to find out. Just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean you will not. It’s like project management (PM) systems, I always say “it has to work like you work or you won’t use it.”

Processes software Program Process.st

As you build out your workflow they have some great templates to choose from to get you started.

“Integrate with any app and automate all workflows, no matter how complex.
We handle convoluted conditions, advanced approvals and fine-grained permissions.”


#2 – ClickUp

is great to create each step but one of the other things it can do is import from other tools like Excel, Wrike (a PM System), Trello, CSV files, Asana, and more. I have used Clickup and it is great at allowing you to record each step of the process.

Processes program ClickUp

“The next evolution of team productivity and collaboration is here. Unlock the next generation of productivity with the infinite possibilities of ClickUp 3.0.


#3 – Pellio (pell.io)

set your workflow. According to their write up it sounds a little like Clarifyit but honestly, I’ve never used this one but found it when doing my research. It does not have a free offer, however, and begins a $15/month. I did not want to sign up to try it but perhaps if I bring on more team members I will consider it as it seems like a good option.

Processes software program Pellio (pell.io)

“Create any business process in 3 easy steps. Use our rich text editor to add images, videos, file attachments and even HTML to any step in your business processes.

Set a clockwork organization, where everybody has preset tasks. Create departments, add/remove users and set permissions. Maintain a central view of all your users.”


#4 – LucidChart

is great for mindmapping and workflows. It is very helpful for those who are visual. I love LucidChart and it is especially helpful when I teaching a course online and need to explain the workflow and want visual help doing it.

Mindmapping Processes Program called LucidChart

“Quickly visualize your team’s processes, systems, and organizational structure. Intelligent diagramming lets you visualize complex ideas faster, clearer and more collaboratively.”

-Lucid Chart

#5 – LucidSpark

I wanted to include Lucid Spark because it is similar to Lucid Chart and by the same company but is more like a visual whiteboard with Post-Its (registered trademark).

“Turn the promising ideas you created in Lucidspark into reality with workflows and process documents built in Lucidchart.”


You can move them around and brainstorm with your team or simply use them to set up your processes in a visual way for yourself and your team. It is not as common to use it for processes but as it could be used for this I wanted to include it.

#6 – Tango

Tango is a Chrome extension to create processes that follows you (when turned on) throughout your completing your task(s). This is the closest to Clarifyit that I have found. And the best part is that it is free for up to 25 workflows per user and a team workspace for up to 25 users! Most of us could probably within that capacity. Even if you need more it starts at only $16/month.

Processes Program called Tango

“Create how-to guides with screenshots, in seconds. Catch up on your documentation, cut down on meetings and interruptions, and save hours every week.”


I only recently discovered this tool thanks to a client mention in our Mastermind group. It is amazing but I will warn that it is not perfect and you will need to delete some steps and customize it with your descriptions. This is, however, much better than typing all out and going back and forth trying to take screenshots or videos. The improvement I wish they had was the ability to mark up the screenshot with arrows or circles to draw attention to certain details. Overall, though, this is my #1 Recommendation for creating processes for micro and small businesses that may be reading this article. Give it a try, for free you cannot go wrong.

#7 – Project Management Systems

Lastly, I must also point out that you can certainly use your project management systems as well. PM systems like Asana, Trello, Wrike and others. You can create a board or name it under your business and labeled, “Processes for _______” and type out your processes for your business. This is not a bad way to go and one I’ve used because I use Wrike and if you follow me or read these articles often you know I’ve shared this previously with you. I also put certain processes under certain clients if it only relates to that client. Otherwise it goes under my business name and labeled with the process name (ie: social media posting, email marketing prep, etc.).

I hope you walk away with one process program that appeals to you. Perhaps you want to try a couple as sometimes that is the only way to know which one works like you work. As I said, I highly recommend Tango, the Chrome extension. It makes it very easy to record and edit your processes.

If I can help you or answer any questions please let me know.

with love from Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

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