7 Productivity Tips for 2022

Written by Tammy Durden

What is your #1 productivity tips?

A big part of managing our business involves productivity. If we want a sustainable, scalable, business we have to understand, not only the basics of being productive but also master it at times. I thought I would share 7 productivity tips for 2022.

I’m also including various sources for further research should you choose. There are so many good articles on this subject, I hope you will add this to your list of resources on productivity.

Productivity Tips:

  1. Processes & Systems – – yes, I know I cannot use these words enough, can I? <grin> It is so important though especially in discussing productivity. Make sure you have your processes and systems in place and recorded in some way. Record every process you do, step by step. You can easily create them in Google Drive and make folders as needed for various types of processes.
  2. Use Calendar Blocking – Block off times and tasks on your online calendar. Your online calendar is not just for client meetings. Be sure to block off time for tasks related to your business and also personal goings-on. You must stick to them not ignore them to help you with your productivity.
  3. Automate & Delegate – we are used to being the one everyone delegates their tasks to however it is also important that as we take on more work we also learn to delegate to others.

“For anything that is tedious, not a priority, or can be completed by an expert should be automated or delegated.”


Automation can be one of the biggest productivity hacks there is. Taking tasks and automating is very freeing as long as all works as it should. Many amazing project management software exists along with the all-in-one type of programs. You can also use programs such as Zapier to help automate and link specific tasks.

Old School Options

4. Old School Calendars & ‘To Do’ List – products such as Bullet Journal, Scribbles That Matter, and other similar tasks, calendars, or productivity helps can really make a difference. I use both an online calendar and a type of Bullet Journal. This made a huge difference in not only my productivity but also my mindset. I could really see all that I accomplished in a day. By checking off the boxes in my Bullet Journal feels so good! [I highly recommend watching their quick 2-4 min. video about how to do this type of journaling]

5. Accountability – find ways to be accountable not only in your client work but your own business tasks as well so that you can continue in your growth mindset. This can be done through other colleagues, mentors, hiring a coach, organizations that offer small business help in your area, in like-minded communities, and many other ways. Make time to set this up with someone who will really hold you to your goals and your word.

Mindset Matters

6. Manage Your Energy Not Your Time – I have difficulty doing this one myself. Anyone dealing with autoimmune diseases knows that lack of energy is one of our worst symptoms. I have had to learn to conserve my energy by working from bed (when needed), using my forearm crutch when out, and using my scooter when I know an outing will require more walking than I can do. I tend not to realize how much energy (not time) some tasks will take until it’s too late. Pay attention to the energy each task takes, not just the amount of time.

“The core problem with working longer hours is that time is a finite resource. Energy is a different story.”


7. Focus – The more we exercise self-control in not allowing ourselves to become distracted the better focused we become.

“Fortunately, the more we work on focusing on one task at a time and ignoring distractions, the more we exercise the prefrontal cortex – the more evolved part of our brains. Then it becomes easier to focus.”


Final Thoughts

A wonderful final article I thought you would enjoy is 101 Efficiency Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs (efficiency is different than productivity but both are important and should be intertwined). There are so many more great tips but I think we must glean what we can from these and not try to do them all. See what fits in your work style and workflow and make the most of them.

Do you have a Productivity Tip you can share?

Thank you for reading. Let us know what you want to hear about. What are you struggling with as the year ends?

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