7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Revenue

Written by Tammy Durden

Every business looks for opportunities and ways to increase its revenue. Often we feel pigeon-holed or stuck and cannot see beyond what we already offer to clients. Today, I want to share 7 easy ways to increase your revenue.

#1: Take Inventory, Analyze, & Add

The first thing you must do is take inventory. Take inventory of what you currently offer clients whether a service or digital product (or products in general). You may create a list/chart or try downloading (below) my FREE Revenue Inventory Worksheet if you would like additional help.

After taking inventory you need to analyze the chart (if you used mine) or your list. Review it and decide what services and products you can upsell to clients. Meaning, can you help your clients further with any additional services and/or products (digital or otherwise)? The other question to ask yourself is, can you increase your current pricing – while still being fair to your clients?

The inventory chart will help you know…

  1. All of Your Current Client Services/Products
  2. If You Have the Ability to Upsell to Your Clients
  3. If You Have Additional Services &/or Products to Add

#2: Add Clients

One of the best ways to increase company revenue is to attract and add more clients. While we all are busy doing what we do best we must always remember to continuously market our business. Whether that is through email marketing, social media posting, and ads, or program offerings, we should always have those marketing processes turning. It is especially helpful to use tools that can put much of it on auto-pilot or bring on someone who can manage this part for us if we do not have the time, knowledge, or skill.

#3: Add Another Service or Product

Increasing your revenue should be one of the top items on your ‘to-do list’ but we all struggle with how to do it. Another great way to accomplish this is to add another service or product (digital or tangible). Ask yourself, ‘What other skills do I have that can benefit others?’. Also, delve into your passion and discover ways to monetize your passion if you are not already.

Add new services and/or products slowly. Do not introduce several at once. Also keep in mind that it should still be an outflow of your overall business. For instance, if you offer Virtual Assistant services you may add social media posting to your services but you would not want to add IT services as that does not have a natural flow. If you are a Coach you could develop a new program or other package for prospective clients. You would not, as a coach, want to offer your clients real estate evaluations as they just do not mix or match when prospective clients view your website.

#4: Create A Membership Option

Creating a membership option for your current service offering is another one to increase your revenue. Take what you already offer and make it into a membership with recurring income (we all want that). For instance, if you are a coach (like the last example) you may offer different types of coaching packages. Now put them all on a platform (or your website) and allow clients to purchase join and take advantage of other programs and/or documents by joining. Show the benefits of the membership and why they should join. What value do they receive?

One note on memberships – I suggest, if you are unfamiliar with setting up or building a membership website find and pay a professional who can help you set it up.

#5: Offer Courses

Another great way to increase revenue is by creating courses that your potential clients would be interested in taking. Consider what you discuss with clients. Most likely you are also teaching them about the services/products you offer and giving them pointers. If you take those and expand on them you can turn it into a course to either give away as a free offer to draw in more clients or offer it as an online paid course.

>Not Sure What To Teach?

Once you can discover what topic(s) you can teach, then email your current clients with a survey. The questionnaire should include ways to discover what they need most at this time. Ask what/if they have learned from your times together (& communications). Be direct and ask them what type of course(s) or learning events they would be interested in or need to learn at this time. You can even give a multiple choice about different price ranges to see which they like most and would be most likely to sign up for if they took it. Make as much of the survey multiple choice as possible, giving them a few options to choose from will make it faster and easier for your clients and also help you discern what to offer.

If you are not sure how to send your clients a survey, try this great software, QuestionScout. They have templates and make adding questions easy. You can create a live survey and include the link in your email.

#6: Do A Webinar or Event

Webinars can certainly increase your revenue. Whether it is free or paid it can always lead to more email sign-ups which ultimately lead to more clients. Partnering with someone who can complement what you do is another way to be seen in a new audience. You will promote the webinar as will they. Your audience is new for them and they share the webinar sign-up with their audience as well. You both get exposure to new markets and can benefit.

Webinars like these will draw others to not only sign up for your email list but also build more trust for those in your audience. Trust is built up more because they see you over and over in different ways. It also proves that you are willing to share valuable information that they can consume.

Make your webinar have either a catchy title or a title topic that catches your audience’s attention. Provide a presentation subject your ideal client is looking for and will happily attend. Market it to specific audiences that are within your potential ideal client base.

>Why Webinars?

The advantages far outweigh any negatives. The biggest negative to doing webinars is the amount of time it takes to prepare for it. The advantages are an increase in your email sign-ups, the value you offer to attendees, and an increased trust-factor for your ideal client audience. This should also increase your following on other platforms. The ultimate outcome is that you gain a new client or two for one of your programs.

#7: Offer Printable or Digital Products

Digital products are everywhere and very helpful. Many in your ideal audience look for free digital printouts and products to use in their business. You can offer these as free or also charge for these, but certainly offer at a low price point if charging for it.

Create forms, printables, worksheets, digital workbooks, eBooks, checklists, and more. Try to add graphics that are colorful (within your brand colors) and be sure to add your logo at the top of the document as well as the copyright at the bottom of each page. Whether you charge for it or make it your newest free offer it can increase your revenue through immediate income or by adding to your email sign-ups which can lead to new clients, thereby adding to your revenue.

>Should I Charge for My Digital Product(s)?

Deciding whether you will charge for your digital products is up to you. Either way, these can help your bottom line. Free offers will help you get more sign-ups for your email lists thereby attracting more clients (in theory & in the long run). In the short term, charging for these will help increase your revenue right away.

You can continue to add, edit, and expand these in order to create a library and eventually make a membership site that your clients can access. Work on it a bit at a time and add more as you are able. Set them up into sections or themes so it is clear the type of digital product it is and what section the client wants to access.

This was 7 easy ways to increase your revenue. I am sure I could have added more but think these will help get your creative juices flowing. If you need help with these or want to Brainstorm anything please reach out to me or set up a Free 20 minute Consultation.

Remember if you are in one of these times in your business life…

  • Startup
  • Scaling
  • Stuck

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