5 Things That Increased My Productivity

Written by Tammy Durden

Productivity is a sticky point for many solopreneurs. So, I’m going to share with you today, the five things that increased my productivity. I struggled with this myself for years, however, once I put a few things into practice it made all the difference. That’s what I’m going to share with you today, the five things that changed my productivity.

We all need help with our productivity from time to time. As much as I try to stay on task, I have days that go awry too. So, let me walk you through five things that help me stay on point most days while working.

[There are always new software tools coming out as well.]

The first thing that helps me stay productive is to keep my routines (or habits) in place. I have a morning routine whereby I check my email first. Then I move on to my social media and messages. In both places, I scan through the platforms to see any important emails or comments that I may need to address.

The other habit or routine I have is to start my blogs on Monday. I spread this activity out over the week as I do not always feel creative or motivated to write on one specific day. It also helps to do a little at a time because I have the major points done, however, through planning ahead of time on my content planner I do not feel pressured. I can simply copy the bullet points and paste them onto my site and begin. This keeps me from staring at a blank page.

Planner to help your productivity

Do you find yourself at the end of the day saying, “I feel like I didn’t get anything done?”

That is how I felt for years! Then I heard about bullet journals. And this completely turned my productivity around.

First, I went online and did a little research. And although I love scrapbooking, when it comes to planners I don’t need all of the embellishments. I only want to see what needs to be done that day.

This is why the second item that helps keep my productivity in check is my planner. If you read my articles you know that I love a good bullet journal. Whether you utilize the actual Bullet Journal, or a form of it like Scribbles That Matter it will become an important part of helping you stay productive.

This year I am trying out the Passion Planner as it organizes a full year within one planner. The jury is still out and although I’ve been using it for a few months (and it is not cheap) I’m already considering going back to my bullet journal (haha). I do like the simple stickers you can purchase to jazz it up a bit without having to color it all in and make it a scrapbook page.

Google Calendar Example from Tammy of Fearless Business Boss

The third item that helps my productivity significantly is my digital calendar. I use Google Calendar. It also integrates with so many other software programs. I love to not only house my client sessions, networking meetings, and new connection meetings on my calendar, but I also list personal items and more.

The key to using your digital calendar for all of these things is to color block. When you color block you can make different types of appointments show up as different colors. You can have personal appointments show up in one color with varying tones of that color. The point is that when you glance at your digital calendar you can see what is coming up and whether it is business or personal.

The KEY is to Color Code each calendar you created. So each ‘to do’, child’s game or events show up with a different color. Then as you glance at the calendar you can easily see who has a game or meet today if you have any business meetings, or things ‘to do’ today. Schedule time for your own marketing, reviewing and updating financials, writing content, etc.”


It does not matter if you use Google or Microsoft Outlook digital calendar. You should be able to do this technique on either.

Another tool I use is an appointment scheduler. This allows me to share a link when someone asks what day works best to set up a meeting. I do not waste time looking through my calendar. It is also convenient for the person who wants to meet with me so they can match it up with their calendar.

I use Calendly, but I also recognize Acuity Scheduling and Book Like a Boss are good options too. I have multiple types of appointments with different links that I use.

  1. Free Mini-Session – this is the most common link on my website. It is set up a free 20-minute mini-session with me. You would be surprised at all we can accomplish in that time.
  2. Meet Tammy – I use this to network or do a coffee chat with someone new.
  3. Coaching Session – To set up an initial coaching session or if for some reason we did not book our following session I would use this link as well.
  4. Market Research Appointment – This type of appointment is for when I’m doing more market research and need to meet with others who are my ideal target audience.

These are the main appointments my Calendly scheduler makes for me simply by using a link or button on my website.

A project management system (PM System) is another huge time saver and productivity boost. Using a PM System can save you and your team time. You can comment and ask for needed items either from the team or client within your PM System. If you lead team members you can gather needed information, photos, graphics, documents, and more to add to the client files to help team members have these resources at their fingertips.

There are too many project management systems to count but a few of these are:

The most important thing about PM Systems is that it has to work like you work for it to work for you.

There are other ways to improve your productivity as well. Some of these include using a time-keeping tool found in most invoicing systems such as Freshbooks and Quickbooks. You can also use timers on your phone or computer. Setting timers to stop at the amount of time you want to allow yourself to work or play. Working 40 minutes and going for a walk for 20 minutes for example can help you focus but increase creativity.

I’m sure you may have processes and systems you use to help you work. I’d love to hear it if you do and what you use to help your productivity. If this article helped you please share it on your social media we always appreciate a good shoutout.

Until Next Time, continue doing good and making a difference out there!

with love from Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

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