5 Reasons You Need Processes and Systems In Your Business

Written by Tammy Durden

The Essential Backbone Of Your Company

Processes and systems are essential to all businesses. These should help you run your company seamlessly. Today I will discuss 5 reasons processes and systems are needed in your business.

Defining Processes and Systems

You know how I like to clarify terms and this one is no different. So, let’s take a look at my own definition of both processes and systems.

PROCESSES = Step-by-Step Instructions of each task that is completed to perform your work daily.

SYSTEMS = The program or tech used to help you perform the tasks in your processes.”

-Tammy Durden

How Processes and Systems Saved My Business

Without processes and systems in place, you could end up losing your business entirely. I know that is a strong statement, however, I know from personal experience how important processes and systems are for your business.

Let me explain. A few years back I had to be admitted to the hospital. Now, if you know me, you know that I have MS, Lupus, and a few other autoimmune diseases. So, being admitted was not necessarily abnormal for me. This one, however, would prove to be unlike any other.

The Day I Coded

The second day I was in the hospital began like most. My husband was down getting breakfast or maybe lunch by that time. I remember I felt very fatigued (one of the biggest and most debilitating parts of MS), but this was almost lethargy. I do not remember much else about that morning.

The reason I do not remember is that when my husband returned the nurse mentioned she was having trouble waking me and she asked if that was normal. He indicated that I was a light sleeper and jump if someone touches me in my sleep. So, he came over to see me and told the nurse my lips were blue. At that point, she quickly checked my vitals and suddenly hit that big red button.


Because I had coded. I was in respiratory arrest. Yes, apparently, that big red button does get hit! Everyone runs in and begins trying to get me awake and my stats up. While urgently wheeling me into the ICU.

I was unconscious, of course, during this entire event. All of this was retold to me afterward. My husband has even called in all of our children, just in case.

Lessons Learned After Coding

Thankfully, I recovered, but it took nearly a month before I could fully work again. Fortunately, I had the best team in place. I also had processes and systems that were easy to follow. One of my team members even trained a new team member in my absence.

If I had not had a great team and processes and systems in place I can say honestly I would have lost many of my clients. Thereby losing my business.

What Would Happen To Your Business

What would your business look like if this happened to you? I pray it never does, but consider if you had an emergency, any emergency, and you could not ‘show up’ for your business for a week or two or even a month. What would your business look like when you returned?

You understand why I think it is important to have these in place. Because if for any reason, you are absent from work someone will know what and how to perform the task you do every day.

processes and systems are a necessity in any business today

5 Reasons You Need Processes and Systems

  1. Good Business Practice – in general, this is just good business practice. It is always good to have your processes and systems documented.
  2. Guide Team Members – this will help to guide team members you bring on now and in the future. They will prove useful in training and serve as the ‘go-to’ documents in your company that all can follow. They will also help you create your SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) which every business should have in place.
  3. For Times of Absence – processes and systems are absolutely necessary for those scheduled and sudden times off. In case you are sick and unable to show up in your business for any length of time, processes and systems will cover you and your work. It is also necessary for those scheduled days off.
  4. To Be Able to Train Others – these processes and systems are a necessity to help train other team members you may add later. Your future team members need to be able to follow your work processes seamlessly.
  5. Help You Scale Your Business – with good processes and systems in place your business will run efficiently as well as allow you to grow and scale your business.

I hope these reasons will encourage you to set up your processes and systems or update them if already in place. They truly are an important piece to your business success.

If you need help figuring out your processes and systems, especially in regard to scaling your business and adding a team, please reach out to me. I’m happy to help you.

with love from Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

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