5 Reasons Freelancers Need A Business Coach

Written by Tammy Durden

In 2008 I started my business quite by accident. I began helping an insurance agent with lead generation. It turned out I was pretty good at it and he began sharing my name with his colleagues and before I knew it I had a business. This transitioned into digital marketing and later built a team and it became a boutique agency. Although I came from an entrepreneurial family I still had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t even know how to set it up let alone run my business. I know I could have had much more success more quickly had I hired a business coach in those early years. I believe business coaches can benefit every freelancer, VA, and small business greatly. There is a multitude of reasons to hire a business coach. I will share 5 reasons freelancers need a business coach, sooner than later.

Success: Sooner or Later?

My business transitioned over the years into a boutique digital marketing agency which I exited last year. Years into my business I finally hired a business coach and that has made all the difference! Not only did my coach help me exit the agency last year but she helped me realize that although my love for digital marketing had sustained me for years my passions lay elsewhere now.

At one time I loved the digital marketing world. For years, however, I also had a side coaching business and this began pulling at my heart more and more. She helped me realize what I really wanted and what truly inspired me so that I could make the move in the direction of my passion. She continues to challenge me and help me grow personally and in my business goals & offerings. This is another reason why I am passionate about my plea to help you as well. I know the VALUE a business coach, who has walked the walk, can offer you and help you with your business.

Why Do You Need A Business Coach

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”

-Jim Rohn
business coaching & online freelance courses

1. Accountability

Having someone who will hold you accountable is a huge reason for hiring a business coach. It is ironic that we set aside time to make sure we do our client work, however, there does not seem to be enough time to work ON our own business all too often. We become the proverbial plumber’s own leaky faucet and leave things to go instead of taking a very active role in the setup and growth of your business.

A good business coach gives you ‘action steps’ each time you meet. Steps to move forward at every step. They will hold you accountable to do these action steps so you do keep moving forward and become stagnant.

2. Set-Up

When first starting out you often find your way without assistance. I’ve been there and it is like feeling your way through a dark hallway with no light at the end. Yes, we can find YouTube videos, articles, or communities to get some questions answered but do we really know they are the right answers. More times than not, however, it takes longer, costs more, and the results are lower than if we would have hired a coach.

The other reason to hire a business coach while setting up your business is to make sure you are taking all of the appropriate steps. Finding out later that you did not and have to correct it is much more difficult.

3. Scale Your Business

Another reason is a business coach will help you know when you are ready to scale your business and help you do this. It is helpful to have someone who has the experience and has been where you want to go.

A business coach can help you…

  • Continue to Grow & Scale
  • Set Reasonable Expectations & Timelines
  • Stay Accountable to Meet Your Goals

4. Mindset

A big battle Freelancers have is with mindset. Often you are driven but can struggle with…

  • Negative Self-talk
  • Struggle with the Motivation needed to stay on track for your business’ growth
  • Confidence to Start or Grow Your Business

A business coach can help encourage you, give you resources and tools to guide you, and keep you focused to help you with your mindset.

I’m of the thought that your entire life – including mindset – affects your business. Everything that you experience daily affects how you approach your business and your clients. It does not only affect you personally. Everything carries over to the business. A business coach can help you sort all of this out to stay focused and heal in areas needed.

5. Growth, Brainstorming, & Circumstances

Many freelancers keep their business coach throughout their entire business life. They come to know you intimately. Your coach is always an asset. They continue to help you hash out problems, allow you to bring your struggles, and brainstorm. They help you focus on the proper realities during a storm or difficult circumstance. Your business coach will always have your best interest and business growth in mind.

Find Your Business Coach

I encourage you if you do not already have one find a business coach that you connect with and that has a good reputation. Look up reviews on Google, their social platforms, and of course their website. Set up a time to speak directly with them and see if you are a good fit. The most successful people in the world have business coaches isn’t it about time you did also?

If you are looking for a business or marketing coach we would be honored to do a free mini-session with you to see if we are a good fit as your business coach. Please book a time here.

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